Pop culture has it that the Chinese have the same word for crisis as opportunity (they don’t, but it makes for an easy intro to the blog if we pretend they do). The idea that a forced change, whilst unwelcome, can be for the better. It’s much the same just now in Chamonix with the start of the July & August bike ban. No one wants to stop riding the trails they enjoy, but it’s good to be made to think outside the box a little and try some new places too. That and the trails are generally that hoaching with walkers it’s difficult to get any real flow.

Aig Posettes

If you want to stay in the valley, there’s still plenty of trails open for bikes, enough keep anyone visiting busy for a few days at least. The Chamonix Bike Guide has written an excellent summary of these trails here:

As for the other option, trying some new trails, well, why not? Here’s some links to some bike friendly uplift within 1hr (well, 1hr ish) of Chamonix. Should keep us busy for 2 months…..


Portes du Soleil:

Grand Massif:

Portes du Mont blanc:


La Thuile:



And if you’re not wanting to spend the money on a lift pass (you spent it all on the Chamonix pass?) then a bit further afield is Saas Fee and Tignes, both with FREE uplift this summer!