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Lift openings 2022 // Third time lucky 

Going somewhere. Always
Lift opening information for summer 2022 vtt / mtb riding innit

How to ride a bike in Chamonix 2.021

Chamonix in a picture. Lots of sports, lots of geography, lots of blue sky.
All the information you need to ride your MTB in Chamonix. Lifts, passes, trails, life hacks, influence coaching and less.

Lift openings 2021 // Roll the dice

If you wonder why we run our brake levers at bit higher in the alps, this should answer your question.
Lift opening dates for the alpine summer 2021 mtb vtt season. Hopefully.

Lifts in a time of Corona. Lift openings 2020

Some of my best memories from the trips were whilst on shuttle duty. Just sitting at the side of the road looking at the views, or drinking coffees whilst waiting in cafes. I am very much looking forward to getting back that life.
Summer 2020 bike park and lift opening dates for Chamonix / Valais / Aosta / Haute Savoie

Ccccchanges: Lift openings 2019

One man and his dog. Llyr and me on the first ride of the year back in March.
All the lift info for bike season 2019, and some news about French MTB guiding

How to ride a bike in Chamonix.

Chamonix. Grand, isn't it.
Your handy, one stop shop for everything you need to know to go mountain bike riding in Chamonix. Lifts, trails, restrictions, beer and bikes.

Hunting trails

Really was a cracking find this trail. Oli leads out on the most interesting section.
We went hunting for new trails, found a grand one, so instead I go and write a piece about why killing things isn't great.

The Ignoramus.

It's not just Les Houches, Coupeau's been seeing attention from the trail pixies too.
There's gold in them thar hills. Golden trails. Checking out the new mountain bike tracks appearing all over the Chamonix valley, but mostly in the Les Houches bit of the hood.


Oban cycles roof drop. In hindsight, the trials bike was a better choice for this...
The bike's 1, the blog's 6, the sun's 4.603 billion and the lifts are open. Mostly. A bunch of words covering most of these issues.

Lift openings 2018: Houston we have a problem.

Bikes are ace. Lifts, no lifts. Sun, no sun. Snow, no snow. Just get out and have fun.
When, what and where are the chairlifts and gondolas open for mountain biking across Chamonix and the alps. And some space stuff.