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Hunting trails

Really was a cracking find this trail. Oli leads out on the most interesting section.
We went hunting for new trails, found a grand one, so instead I go and write a piece about why killing things isn't great.

Feel the serenity.

Now THIS is where it gets interesting.
Two days on bikes playing around the Fiz range. Some huts, some climbs and some cracking descents. All that way just to pick up some content...

Velo Ferrata

Most people imagine life as a Chamonix bike bum as a daily routine of getting up, selecting a bike from a quiver of top end steeds, being carried to the top of the hill by train/tram/chairlift/gondola or helicopter before ripping down on the finest rocky/rooty/buffed trails known to man then finishing the day quaffing fine wine with nubile bike groupies.  Alas the truth couldn’t be more different.

Sometimes we have to pedal up the hill first.

Then there’s also the exploratory rides, where we go looking for the mythical perfect trail…. Acting on a couple of tip offs and a … [Read full post]