About as far as I've ridden from Chamonix. Whistler 2017. photo by Lorne Cameron, as usual with this blog.


Without the bad to give it context, there can be no good. But who likes to deal with the bad? Some of the posts in here I’m pretty happy with, others are best described as keeping the good/bad scales balanced. So here’s an occasionally updated list of the posts I’m happiest with.


Easily the highest ratio of time per word of anything I’ve written.

The joy of Sixt

When failing is winning.

Post truth biking

The single greatest thing on this website.

Millau, Coupe de France 2015 #3

Concussion and heat stroke. Didn’t go well.

Tour des Combins

A ride round the Grand Combins. Obviously.

Enduro World Series round 4 , Samoens

I tried racing an EWS. It wasn’t what I expected.

Abhorred Monster.

Is the blog about a ride, a visionary writer, a friend or e-bikes?

Feel the serenity.

A two day approach to a single bit of content. That we missed. Win or fail?

Scaphoid Stories.

You can count the number of useful posts here on the fingers of one leg, this is the exception. A lot of research done whilst recovering from a fairly unpleasant injury.

The journey, not the destination.

Road biking? A pointless journey around Mont Blanc.

British Columbia Pts 1 and 2

A trip to Whistler, Pemberton, Squamish and the Chilcotins.

This is mountain biking.

Mostly here for being the first post of probably the best 3 weeks of riding I’ve ever had.

Hunting Trails.

A future classic from the Grand Massif (well, it will be when the lift gets built…) turned into an anti getting shot rant.

Black and White

A simple tale from simple times.

Hallowed ground.

Worshipping at the alter.

‘Effing excellent

Forgetting how much I like Chamonix trails whilst remembering how much I dislike David Pig’s Head Cameron.

Risoul Deval (turns out the deval IS in the detail…)

Occasionally things do go right for us when racing.

Velo Ferrata

Probably the first decent post on the site.

Sospel. Good content.

“Come to Sospel” Ash said. “It’ll be sunny” Ash said.

Welcome to the Chamonix Bike Blog!

A terrible post, but everything has to start somewhere.