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This ‘n’ that

After a spring of moaning about the cold and snow, the sun’s come out and it’s got dry and hot. So instead now everyone’s moaning about it being too hot and dry. On the plus side, the +30 degree temps, blazing sunshine and a bit of warm rain has put a fair dent in the snowpack and things are starting to get a bit easier to ride up high.

Conveniently most of the valley’s lifts have opened for the summer season now, which has saved us from having to actually exercise in the heat, instead we can just enjoy a … [Read full post]

Not new, but improved.

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After a year of amusing myself with making up the titles of blog posts, I’ve decided it’s time to move the Chamonixbikeblog on to bigger and better things. So with a huge amount of help from Lorne Cameron’s web design I present to you the new, Chamonixbikeblog.

All the content from the old wordpress site has been moved over, and that site will just contain links to move you to here.

Look out for exciting new content!, or possibly just the same old text and images but in a different wheel size format.

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Lifts open next weekend. Which is nice. There seems to be a bit more of a buzz about town than usual for mountain biking this year. I don’t know if it’s the long winter making everyone over eager for summer activities, the rise of “enduro” racing in magazines and websites making everyone excited about shiny new toys or what, but basically, we’re looking forward to the lifts opening. A lot.

Of course, folk haven’t stopped riding just because they have to get up the hill themselves. The snow lines been slowly working its way up the hill and the trails … [Read full post]