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A long way below where the ride started, and above where it'll end. A good place to know things.


Want to know what the weather’s supposed to be doing? Try these:

Chamonix meteo: Local weather forecast in English & French

Meteo France: National weather forecast for Chamonix in French

Meteo Blue: Swiss weather forecast for Chamonix in English

GFS feed: Raw weather data for Chamonix from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Rather know what the weather’s doing just now?

Webcams from Compagnie du Mont-Blanc

The three most common questions, hence useful posts?

The bike ban. What’s all that about then?

How do I ride a bike in Chamonix?

What’re the best 10 rides I must do in Chamonix?

And want to see what other folk get up to on bikes?

Misspent Summers: James McKnight and the rest of the Misspent Summers crew are proof that a mix of passion, talent, hard work and determined vision will let you create something amazing without having to follow the chasing likes, high volume, low quality model. So give them a follow on instagram to be ironic.

Chainmark: IML and bike guide Oli Carr, if it’s a trail in the west half of the alps, he probably knows it.

Lornecameron: He mostly writes about the other 6 months of Chamonix life, but the odd bit of biking fits between the skiing.

Dave Tolnai: In my mind, Dave gets paid the same as a decent engineering job to write this every week and thus I aspire to do the same.

Dirty Nomad: James Pretty IS enduro. And swearing. Like the EWS’s Malcolm Tucker really.

New Retro Tom: Tom has ridden further than you, and then turned up to do a normal days work straight after.

Guides. I’m one of the few UK MTB guides qualified to work in France, but I’m not the only one, here’s some really fine folks for showing you the trails you wouldn’t likely get to otherwise…

The Inside Line Emily Horridge runs bike trips and holidays for Les Arcs and the Queyras. If you’ve not heard of the Queyras, you really, really should find out more….

Chamonix MTB Wayne’s Chamonix’s first legal British MTB guide and, with 15 years of exploring the valley under his wheels, is a pretty fine choice for hitting the lesser known trails.

Bike Verbier Is there a bike holiday with a more loyal following? That’s got to say something about how good their trips are!

Ride Sospel Sometimes, it’s not summer in Chamonix. In which case head to Sospel, where it’s always summer, and let Ash sort you out with Trans Provence’s finest trails and accommodation.

Ben Jones MTB The man knows how to put together a point to point trip. Pretty handy at finding good hotels for said trips too!

Endless Trails MTB Falls foul of the “all trails are finite and of definable length” caveat, but Julia can’t be faulted for quality of the trails being used.

Alpine Flow MTB Well, if you can’t plug yourself on your own website, where can you do it? (aussi en francais; alpineflowmtb )


I ride an Airdrop Edit. There are a lot of reasons I really like it, today I think this is the best one.

I drink (responsibly, obvz) Sapaudia beer. Partly because Sapaudia give me it, mostly because it tastes good. Currently the Lost in the Woods is my favourite, but then again…

Les Houches Bike Crew. All those grand trails in the woods around Les Houches and Flatiere, the access to ride them, extended lift opening dates. You don’t think the pixies make that happen do you? Support your local trail building and advocacy group. Or we release the bees.