Summer’s back

Summer has returned to the valley, so before it got here I was keen to get one more day of being wet, cold and miserable in and headed down to Les Houches for a few laps on the Bellevue lift.

With the change in lift operating company, the Les Houches bike park is no more (for this year….) so the north shore shenanigans that used to start the marked bike runs have gone. Fortunately the rest of the courses is still in place, and the hill is just as slippery in the wet as it used to be.


Some of the board walk sections have taken a bit of a beating over the winter, and there are a couple of big trees down on the main bike track (other trails seem to have been cleared though!). There isn’t a hose at the lift station just now, though the lifty said the Intersport shop next door should have a hose for all to use soon.

Off-camber, wet boardwalk anyone?

More news soon…..