Techy treat

Chamonix, autumn 2015.Not bad really.

You into religion much?

I’m not sure why I put in the question mark, I don’t care in the slightest and it’s not relevant.

1st November, Spence & Lorne, Chamonix: Why would we want to be anywhere else?

What does matter is that the French like a bit of Catholicism and just can’t get enough of their saints. Hence, all saints day is ‘something’ here, and we get a holiday.

Angus, praising 150mm of travel. Brevent main colouir.

Presumably we should be celebrating all those lucky souls who’ve made it to heaven, and all those the next day who’re stuck in purgatory. Instead we put on fancy dress* (c’mon, tell me bikers aren’t going to look back at what we’re wearing in 20 years and say ‘hmm, those colours don’t really work do they’) and go ride.

2nd November, high entrance main Brevent couloir. Lorne ignoring the view, you get used to it after a while.

Compagnie du Mont Blanc get in on the act too and re-open the Brevent lifts for a couple weeks, so whilst the rest of the Alps moan about pedalling up hills, we sit in a gondola for 950m vertical, or 1450m if the snow level’s high enough.

4th November, traverse to Aig des Houches. Perhaps winter is coming. It's not here yet though.

Moving away from folks personal beliefs that guide their lifestyle choices and back to something important. Brevent trails. I’ve written about them all here before and about 2 years ago decided to stop putting up posts on ground I’ve covered already but that’s made regular posts increasingly tricky, I’ll re-hash some old ground.

Some old ground below the Brevent top station. Lorne's been here before.

Actually, I can hit some new ground. Just when you think you kent all the trails off a lift, I rode a new trail earlier this year and bookmarked it for return come the autumn. The Bellachat trail. You can get into it two ways, either from the top of the hill, head for the Aiguillet des Houches but before the climb drop down past the refuge and prepare for switch back after switch back of steep tech and rock.

For Bellachat, turn left. Aig des Houches, turn right. Simples.

Alternatively enjoy (or don’t) the trails down the Brevent couloir, take the climb for Sentier des Guards then at the next junction, take the right, traverse for a while then you’re into more fast and flowing trails.

4th November, somewhere below the Chalets de Chailloux. Wouldn't call this bit 'flowy' mind.

Ach, who am I kidding. This post is here because aye, we’re riding trails that have been getting ridden for years, but the weather is spectacular, the autumn colours are spectacular and the trails are spectacular. And we took lots of photos and want to show them off.

4th November. Aig des Houches. Autumn colour, which in Chamonix adds white and blue to the usual russet tones.

All these photos are from the first four days of November. Four days, thousands of meters of descent and way too much fun.

Wheelies = fun.

It’s not trail park blue run riding, but the riding from Brevent is some of the best anywhere. I don’t care where you’ve ridden, if you don’t find a trail up there you rate, you’re not good enough on a bike.

How could you not like a trail like this?

Elitist and proud.

Any fool can take a good shot when it's sunny, I can take a bad shot when it's cloudy. Did we mention some of the Brevent trails are a bit rocky?

Depending on how much up and traversing you fancy, you can start at Brevent and finish anywhere between Servoz and Tre le Champ. We stuck between the Chalets de Chailloux and Les Tines, plenty of time for pedalling come next week.

Not pedalling, possibly making 'braaaap' noises in my head.

Or at least, you can do the above if you’re quick. The lifts close on Friday 6th (why Friday? Good question, welcome to the weird and wonderful world of CdMB) so get it whilst it’s hot.

4th November Aig des Houches: Banger of a shot courtesy of Lorne and much wheelie practice.

*Shakespeare called this day ‘hallowmas’. Why, why, why did that not take off? And it’s guising, not trick or treat.