Valloire, Seventh August, Coupe du France round five.

Not been much activity here for a bit, there’s been some races (Les Orres and Valloire Coupe du France Enduro, the latter’ll do for the photos), some riding of trails I’ve already written about and an injured wrist, but mostly I’ve lost my psyche for writing.

You can tell I’ve lost my psyche because I’m using words like psyche. I’d hate ‘psyche’ even more than ‘bants’ if it wasn’t for the racist/sexist/homophobic connotations you get with banter, but it’s still high up in my list of words wot I don’t like.

Sandy likes his free Opinel knife, best goodie bag of the season, nae hate here.

Other things I don’t like? Lift closing dates, so let’s get all the hate out in one go. Here’s a list of lift closing dates, usual caveats of subject-to-change apply, don’t expect the dates to extend though.

Vallorcine                             30th August
Flegere                                6th September
Grand Montets                    13th September
Brevent                                20th September (re-opens 17th October to 6th November)
Prarion                                 20th September
Le Tour                                20th September
Tramway du Mont Blanc      27th September
Bellevue                               27th September

A riding photo! The 1000m descent wasn't enough so they built a wee drop in ramp to give us that bit more to ride down.

And but a short roadtrip away

Grand Massif 28th Aug:
La Thuile 30th Aug:
Portes du Mont Blanc 30th Aug:
Tignes / Val d’Isere 30th Aug (still FREE up till then):
Pila 6th Sept…..probably:
Portes du Soliel starts closing the weekend of 30th August and is mostly closed by the 4th, except Champery & Morgins which keeps going to 29th Sept:
Verbier 21st Sept then reduced hours until 25th Oct (if weather’s ok):

Free Galibier beer, very welcome to ease the pain in the hand, Frederik also getting in with the pain, his first enduro race obviously leaving him a bit confused, WC DH is much shorter....

And assorted other wee places which have been written about more than enough on the internet already, if you don’t know about them then put some effort in for yourself.

If I don’t get any love for writing again soon, I’ll do an extensive list of words I don’t like instead.

Valloire Sunday morning. It rained a bit.