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Lift openings 2024: Up, and not crying

Hey hi!

Yeah, I know, I know.

Long time indeed.

How’re you?

Oh, you know, oppe, og ikke gråter / 你吃了吗 / meshe lhal / could be worse….

Lets ignore a lost year and start where we left off. When do the lifts open for summer?


Bellevue: 8th June – 15th September (opening and closing 1 week later than 2023)

Flegere: 8th June – 22nd September (open 1 week longer than 2023) then 19th October – 3rd November

Le Tour: 8th June – 8th September (same as 2023)

Planpraz/Brevent: 15th June – 15th September (opening 1 week later than … [Read full post]

Lift openings 2023: General Artificial Untelligence

A new summer of lift riding sprawls before us…

What lifts will open? When will they open? How long will you keep reading my tenuously connected intro before scrolling down to the actual info?

Still reading I see.

The big buzz in writing write now is a.i. If you’re in any way stuck for content, just fire a question into ChatGPT, let it write the article for you and then at the end of your piece SURPRISE! drop the bomb that the algorithm wrote it…

So I tried that and it was pretty disappointing. Which possibly sums up your experience … [Read full post]


How hard is it to write an article about pumptracks without mining the “pump it up” tropes?

Hard. Very hard indeed. I’ll try avoid it, but can’t promise anything.

If you remember 2020 when the biggest thing we had to worry about was global pandemic and not global war (another opportunity to say go fuck yourself Putin and leave the world, in peace) the pumptrack bike became the overnight coolest must have you must have.

I got one too, cheers Airdrop!

Of course, pumptrack bikes aint nothing new, a hardtail playbike has been a staple of riders sheds since I … [Read full post]

Crans Montana

Another week, another trip to somewhere new. Or new to me at least. A trip where Lorne and I got to ride jumps and proved that it’s quite easy to outsmart ourselves and end up trapped in a greenhouse. Which leads to today’s random topic to tag bike photos onto…

The eternal quandary of whether self perception of our abilities is accurate.*

Have you heard of the Dunning Kruger effect? Even if you don’t know it by its name you’ll know it by its nature. “A cognitive bias whereby people with low ability, expertise, or experience regarding a certain [Read full post]

Shepard Tone // Always Descending

I like music me. Rubbish at making it, but I can still enjoy it.

Envious of those wistful lads at parties who’d sit down and start playing guitar to the adoration of all, I got my first real six string and tried learning to play. Mostly in the hope a certain someone would be impressed. In short, 1 thumb, 4 fingers, 6 strings just doesn’t add up for me, I barely learnt enough cords to play in a punk band, and she wasn’t impressed.

I quickly realised that I’m atrocious at playing music and vowed never to inflict my attempts … [Read full post]

A long ride around Mont Blanc

At some point today, the Artemis 1 rocket should have been launching on the first stepping stone mission to go back to the future moon. Obviously, space travel is hard and complicated, so that’s been cancelled. Again.

The last time a human stood on the moon was the Apollo 17 mission in December 1972, near 50 years ago. Before even that though, there was Apollo 8. In December 1968 the 3 astronauts of Apollo 8 became the first humans to see the dark side of the moon. Apollo 11 gets the plaudits for landing on the moon, but Apollo 8’s … [Read full post]

Once upon a time in the Southern Balkans

Skopje. The future looks good. For biking at least.
A week riding the trails of North Macedonia and Albania. And eating and drinking and chatting and meeting folk and seeing things. The more interesting bit.

Lift openings 2022 // Third time lucky 

Going somewhere. Always
Lift opening information for summer 2022 vtt / mtb riding innit

Smells like Digne spirit* 

I'm not a good enough writer to describe just how much fun we were having at this point. Many. Many funs.
Mountain biking trip to ride the VTT singletrack heaven of the Terres Noires and Evo Bikepark

I am just going outside and may be some time // La Grave

Mountains make me feel better. Usually. Other things make other people feel better. Usually. We're all different.
Mountain Bike riding in La Grave. Turns out it's just as unique and addictive in summer as winter