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Continuous Professional Development

The Tarentaise. Does a good line in ridge trails, thanks to the inside line for showing us them.
Exploring. What else are days off bike guiding for? In this episode; a trip to Beaufortain for VTT enduro uplift fun.

Finale / Lads lads lads

Obligatory pissing about up at NATO shot, cheers Lorne.
Guided riding in Finale Ligure, mountain biking by the sea. And death by nostalgia. What more could you ask of a blog post?

Anything for an easy life.

Pila. and pan shot saturday
Late season skiing = early season lift access biking.


Vertigo. To get this shot I climbed a tree to pretty much the top, then noticed the drop off the cliff to the side and asked Spence to hurry up so I could get back down again.
Verbier. It's got mountains and bike trails and lifts and stuff.

The journey, not the destination.

It's cycle touring, not bike packing. Just because you've been tight and just strapped your shit onto the bike rather than using a pannier doesn't make it a different sport, it just means you're using the wrong tools for the job.
Tour du Mont Blanc on a road bike. Cycle touring not bike packing.

Les Arcs: Putting the Fun in Funiculaire

Funiculaire fun in Les Arcs.
A wee trip down to Les Arcs to ride assorted alpine singletrack mountain bike trail goodness off the funiculaire

Sospel. Good Content.

Throw horns and smile. Biking in the snow is infinitely better than not biking at all.
A trip south to Ride Sospel in the sun and dust. Or snow and cold...

Aosta, Col Entrelor

Why would you want to be anywhere else? Lots of reasons, but that doesn't tie up the loose ends quite so well, so we'll ignore them.
The Aosta valley has some of the finest mountain biking in the Alps, Italy, Europe and the world. Here's just a wee bit of it from the Col Entralor.

B.C. Pemberton, Squamish and Chilcotins, I don’t only ride park.

Rob on one of the many mellow turns of High Trail. There was about 1000m vert of this from the alpine down through the trees. Good eh.

Following on from the part 1 post on the trip to British Columbia, here’s some envy inducing images from our trips away from mountain bike Disney Land to some other choice spots.

Whistler’s park is famous for a reason, but then the rest of B.C. is also famous for a reason. I could’ve probably spent 3 weeks riding Squamish and come home thinking I’d had a grand trip. There’s a lot of amazing riding out there and I’ve hardly seen any of it, but I suspect I’ll be seeing more over the next few years.

None of this would have … [Read full post]

B.C. Whistler, I only ride park.

Spend three weeks mountain biking in B.C. and'll ride a fair bit of park.